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How Much CBD Should You Vape & The Best Gadgets?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound and remedy that has worked wonders for symptoms ranging from anxiety to sleep. For a first timer, it can be confusing on how much CBD you should vape and if you should vape CBD at all.

In this post we’ll take a look at vaping CBD in its entirety including devices, how to calculate dose and more…

How do you know how much CBD to vape?

The Internet is a great source to find out how to use CBD products, but how much to take is usually unclear. That’s because there’s no “this dose works for everyone” rule established – and there probably never will be.

Similar to other medications, what works for one person may not work for another.

So, it’s your choice how much to take.

There are quite a few recommendations on the CBD products, but let’s look at a more accurate way of figuring out a dosage that’s right for you.

To start, we need to factor in a few qualities to calculate the proper CBD dosage:

  • Weight
  • Metabolism
  • Diet
  • Pain Level
  • Condition being treated
  • Tolerance to CBD
  • Concentration of CBD

It is common to read, “take a few drops of CBD daily,” however, there is a slim chance that this dose will produce results.

So to know how much CBD you need to vape, using what you know about your body is a great benchmark.

You don’t need to evaluate each of those factors when figuring out how much to take though. Just keep it in the back of your mind if you’re not getting results.

For example, if you’re not feeling relief from symptoms, consider that you may have a fast metabolism and need to increase. Or you may have developed a tolerance and need to take more.

Looking at your weight, if you weigh more, your dosage size is going to be larger than someone of a lesser weight as well.

When beginning to take CBD, whether its vaping, tinctures, or capsules, start small and work your way up. Once you experience relief, you can keep it at that dose.

What makes vaping CBD so popular?

young woman vaping cbd with battery powered vape pen

There are many ways to consume CBD products:

  • Oils
  • Vape pens
  • Blunts
  • Edibles
  • Strips
  • Pills
  • Patches
  • Creams
  • Gummies
  • Dab rigs
  • And more…

So why is vaping so in style?

Vape pens function similarly to e-cigarettes, a battery-powered heated device that’s able to reach very high temperatures in order to turn the CBD oils into a vapor.

Vape pens have become popular because of their ease of use and their discrete size.

There is also a wide range of vape pens, some that are only a few bucks, to the ones that can cost you a few hundred dollars for a high-end gadget.

The vapor is also a bit easier to inhale as it is not as thick as traditional cigarette smoke and doesn’t have the carcinogens or combustion.

And vapor puts CBD into your bloodstream directly without having to be digested first. This makes them in demand for those who need quick relief.

With other methods, such as consuming CBD oil, it has to be processed through the liver before entering the bloodstream, which decreases the bioavailability and increases the time it takes to kick in.

The downside of vaping CBD is that you’re not getting as much CBD (unless you vape an entire cartridge). The effects of vaping also tend to wear off the fastest, in just about 2 hours.

When compared to a tincture or a capsule, they take longer to kick in but also last around 6 hours.

Equipment for vaping CBD

refillable cbd vape pen

Vape pens come in two varieties: Either a tank that you fill or a pre-filled cartridge.

Tanks require the battery pack, tank and the heating coils. Battery packs range in price from thirty to several hundred dollars.

The main difference is features but you can get a decent battery pack for about fifty bucks.

The tank will usually come with the battery pack so the only things you need to buy are coils and CBD oil.

By filling your own cartridge, you’ll save quite a bit of money. This is definitely the way to go if you prefer vaping your CBD oil.


  • You can vape any flavor you want
  • You save money
  • You can get a better battery


  • Slightly higher cost up front
  • You have to clean it and replace the coils

The pre-filled cartridges are disposable, come in many flavors, and are easily placed on vape batteries. The downside is some cartridges might only work with specific vape pens, and you have to continue buying pre-filled cartridges.

There are also nifty little pre-filled pens which are a self-contained unit that resembles a cigarette in size and shape. They already have the battery and CBD all in one.


  • Disposable
  • Convenient


  • Often don’t reach the high temperatures required to fully vaporize CBD
  • More expensive

In general CBD compounds have a boiling point of 320-365F. It’s best to vape CBD at a temperature in between its lowest and highest boiling point, as consuming CBD at a higher temperature can burn it and burn out your coils.

How to calculate your CBD vape dose

Calculating the dose you should vape is a tough one since there’s no ideal dose for everyone. However, we’re going to do our best to get you close…

On each product, you’ll see the full CBD amounts (in milligrams). Below, we give an example on how to use this information…

Let’s say a CBD oil product gives the following information:

  • Serving size: 20 drops
  • Amount per serving: 30 mg

So, 20 drops = 30 mg of CBD

Now you know, if you put 20 drops into your CBD vape cartridge, you have 30 mg of CBD in there.

If that’s the dose you require, then you’ll need to vape that entire cartridge throughout the day.

You can then experiment with this dose for a few days/weeks, and increase or decrease the amount gradually to your liking.

Health concerns with vaping CBD

With the current data on CBD products, there are no toxic amounts or overdoses. However, there are some potential side effects…

One issue that may arise is the user can experience dry mouth. As a natural remedy, this isn’t bad when compared to the pharmaceutical drugs on the market.

Another issue is that consuming CBD can decrease your liver’s ability to absorb other drugs.

If you’re taking other medications, talk to your physician before taking CBD in any form. And as with any product you buy, ensure that you are getting a quality product that’s been manufactured in the United States.


Other potential health risks from vaping CBD

From the way vape pens are manufactured, there is a possibility that the metals in these products could pose a risk to consumers.

One study indicates that metals are emitted from electronic smoking devices and looks into the health impact.

After evaluating the exposure after 1200 puffs from various devices, it was found that most had a value that was below the chronic Permissible Daily Exposure (PDE).

Only 1 of the 13 products had an exposure that was 10% higher than the chronic PDE, with cadmium being the culprit.

Another subset of vape pens are the coil types. The main ones are wick, quartz, and ceramic. Each coil technology has their pros and cons so let’s look at them below…

different cbd vape coils all lined up in a row

Wick Coils:

Cotton wicks were the first to be used in e-cigs/pens, however, its use is declining. They usually provide a poor flavor and require a longer het up time when compared to the other two coil types.

The wick also doesn’t hold in heat well, so there you’ll have to replace the wicks often.

Quartz Coils:

Quartz on the other hand gives a purer flavor than wicks, and its fast heat up time of 5 seconds allows for easier use. Downsides are it still has poor heat retention; thus one has to heat it up multiple times. However, it’s one of the best overall options when compared to other coils.

Ceramic Coils:

Now these coils give the purest flavor, and as a result, the heat up time is the slowest, at about 20-30 seconds. These coils provide great heat retention and temperature control. And like the quartz coil, is suitable for CBD oil, making this coil a popular recommendation for beginners and experienced users.

CBD E-juice contaminants and allergens

e juice next to a vaporizer

To use a vape pen, you need E-liquids to fill the packs. E-liquids consist of CBD in an oil form/isolate, vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, and other natural and artificial flavorings.

Many companies extract their CBD organically, guaranteeing to their customers that their e-liquids are not contaminated with pesticides or herbicides.

But you can still have allergies to the mixing agents.

For example, if you’re sensitive to propylene glycol you may experience headaches, sinus irritation, or headaches. Allergies to this chemical are more common than with vegetable glycerine.

Vegetable glycerine is so common in store products that you’re highly unlikely to have any adverse reactions.

The downside is that its so thick, it can be hard for your wick to absorb so it requires a dedicated rebuildable vape pen like we mentioned above. Vegetable glycerine also has a tendency of crystallizing which can add to the difficulty.

Can you vape too much CBD?

You cannot overdose on CBD so it’s essentially impossible to vape to much.

A very high dose might cause you to feel drowsy, but that would likely be far more than you would get from your vape pen.

What’s the best way to take CBD?

Our favorite method for taking CBD are tinctures and capsules.

These allow you to take higher doses of CBD and control the precise dose of CBD you’re getting.

Tinctures can be added under the tongue, where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream directly, similar to how vapor is absorbed without being digested first.  

Since the CBD in the tincture does not have to go through other organs to reach the brain, such as the liver and lungs, it keeps its potency, providing the consumer the full effects with a smaller dose.

If figuring out the dosage is overwhelming, or you want to just receive the accurate amount without a hassle, capsules are the way to go.

CBD capsules are manufactured with the exact amount of CBD, so if you know how much you need, you can simply take the capsules with that dose.

Capsules are also super convenient and provide the full benefits without having to buy extra accessories.

The big picture…

Vaping CBD is super popular.

It works quickly, it’s a great alternative to smoking, and it’s kind of fun.

When it comes to figuring out how much CBD oil to vape, just start small and give it some time to kick in. If you don’t feel anything or you don’t feel relief for your symptoms, you can always increase it from there.

If vaping is your preferred method, you’ll definitely want to invest in a battery pack and refillable tank to save money. They’re far less than buying refillable cartridges every day or week. They also produce better temperature ranges and therefore better results.


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