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Hemp Oil For Hair – The Mind Blowing Benefits

The beauty industry spends millions in not only convincing you that long, shiny hair is the key to your happiness but also creates products to help you reach that goal.

However, many include chemicals that can have the opposite effect and may lead you to spend more money trying to achieve the same effect you could get from using hemp oil in your hair.

With that said, below we’re going to cover the many benefits of using hemp oil for hair and *hopefully* convince you to give it a shot.

Let’s get started…

What is hemp oil?

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Hemp oil is derived from a variant of the cannabis plant which is more likely confused with the relaxant drug marijuana.

The oil is usually cold pressed directly from hemp seeds rather than the leaves, stems, or buds. This causes it to have such minimal amounts of the component THC that it is nearly undetectable (Source).

In fact, you’re safe to say that hemp oil contains no THC.

Another common oil derived from cannabis is CBD oil which is commonly used for pain relief.

Hemp oil is different from CBD oil in that it contains almost no cannabidiol (CBD) since CBD is extracted from the leaves and flowers.

Hemp oil (Also known as “hemp seed oil”)- not CBD or THC oil – is high in polyunsaturated fats, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids that assist the body in cellular function.

It’s an alternative cooking oil since it is low in saturated fats. Much like olive oil, it can be added directly to salads or made into a variety of dressing for your food.

It may also help produce the substance keratin which is one of the main components of hair.

These acids and fats help keep skin healthy, including the skin on the scalp. Healthier skin may lead to stronger hair and more active hair follicles.

Hemp oil can also be found in dietary supplements for its high omega content and positive effect on heart health. It may help with clotting factors of the blood and even improve cholesterol (source).

Hemp Oil Is a Perfect Scalp & Hair Moisturizer

woman putting hemp oil on her hair

Though it may seem counterintuitive, hemp oil is an excellent moisturizer that can help to control the natural oils produced by your skin.

Unlike many chemically produced moisturizers, hemp oil is absorbed into the skin, even on the scalp.

Many of the cleansers we use on our skin strip away the oil, which helps protect skin from topical damage.

This is why our skin becomes red and itchy when it’s cleaned too often or exposed to an extremely dry environment like winter air.

Using hemp seed oil keeps skin from drying out.

This is much healthier than the artificial barrier that’s placed by most off the shelf products. As a natural oil, it’s absorbed rather than just floating on the surface.

Hair that is damaged over time, whether by chemical treatments, heat from curling and straightening, becomes weakened by losing the outer layers of the strand.

These outer layers are what protect your hair from loss of moisture and splitting.

Oils like hemp seed oil cover the hair strand, smoothing out imperfections and replacing the protective outer layer.

Hemp Oil Helps Your Hair Grow


The constituents of hemp oil can affect skin health, including vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

These effects can be seen with either topical application or ingestion (source). Hemp seed oil is high in omega oils which help your body produce the chemicals needed for stronger and thicker hair.

Hemp oil is also an excellent vehicle for using essential oils such as cedarwood and rosemary that have been proven to help with growing thicker, stronger hair.

This mix can help encourage hair growth by reducing inflamed follicles and reducing the build-up of oil that occurs in response to many hair cleaning products (source).

Hemp Oil Strengthens Your Hair

woman twisting her hair to show how strong it is

This oil may be good for people with dry hair or hair that has been damaged by repeated processes such as bleaching or dyeing. Hair and skin can even be affected by the type of environment you work and live in, such as being a smoker or being around those who do.

Dry, damaged hair is often stripped of its protective layer that oils like hemp and oil can temporarily replace, helping hair retain its natural moisture and protecting it from further damage. (source)

Hair that is considered normal or oily may also benefit since hemp does not clog pores and can stimulate the growth of thicker hair.

Oily hair may benefit from the body’s tendency to overproduce oil in response to frequent cleaning or irritation.

The vitamin E in hemp seed oil encourages follicles to produce thicker strands, leading to limited breakage.

It also has antioxidant properties, protecting cells from damage caused by free oxygen molecules found in the environment.

This means that not only may it prevent damage but may also be a benefit in repairing current damage. (source)


If you’re looking for a more natural way to help improve the health of your hair, don’t be afraid to give hemp oil a try. Its benefits are far reaching for your hair – especially if it’s dry or thinning.

The vitamins and fatty acids can improve your hair, scalp and general health from the inside and the outside.


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