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5 Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Dogs & The Best Products

Let’s be realistic – most people don’t associate hemp oil with pets – but that’s where most people go wrong.

Believe it or not, hemp oil is full of nutrients vital to both human health and canine health. But there’s a big difference between Hemp Oil & Hemp CBD Oil which can be confusing.

Let’s take a look at both of these oils and how each can help your furry friend.

CBD Hemp Oil For Dogs

cbd oil pet products

You’re probably wondering what the heck CBD hemp oil is, which is a great place to start.

Hemp CBD oil is extracted from hemp stems and leaves – not seeds.

A lot of people assume it’s extracted from the seeds or contains THC – the psychoactive ingredient that causes a high.

However, that’s “false news” and we’ll touch on the ins and outs of that later.

Now, let’s talk benefits.

This incredibly nutritious oil helps alleviate symptoms of many common illnesses affecting dogs across the world including allergies, weight management, arthritis and more.

Given it’s a natural but powerful supplement, the real question is, why wouldn’t you give it to your dog?

In fact, it’s probably far more cost-effective than traditional medicines supplied by your vet. It’s great for calming down anxious dogs, may help with cancer/tumors, and even relieves pain.

However, as always you should check with your vet before toying with your pup’s medication.

Non-CBD Hemp Oil For Dogs

hemp seeds for dog hemp oil

Firstly, don’t be fooled by other people’s mix ups. Many people confuse CBD hemp oil with non-CBD hemp oil (hemp seed oil) and when they say hemp they actually mean CBD, or vice versa.

So let’s get our facts straight – Hemp Oil actually is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant and is of high nutritional value.

It contains no CBD or THC (the psychoactive ingredient that gets people high) meaning it’s used purely for its nutritional benefits.

(We wrote a whole post on Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil which makes it very easy to understand.)

Dating back to 2800 BC, the hemp plant itself has been used as a source of medicine in Chinese culture for a long time.

Not only did it relieve symptoms of illnesses, it was also used to make products like sacks and rope.

When the 16th century rolled around hemp became popular in Europe – now flashforward a few centuries and it’s a medicinal staple across the world.

Hemp Oil contains plenty of antioxidants, fatty acids and GLA (an omega-6 fatty acid).

Because of this it’s used in nutritional supplements like hemp butter, hemp milk and hemp seeds.

You’ve probably have spotted it in other products like protein powder, shampoos and even other beauty essentials. It’s great to give a dog Hemp Oil – it’s clean and cold pressed but is also easily mixed with their food.

It doesn’t carry the same benefits as CBD hemp oil for dogs but it does contain valuable nutrients that can support your dogs healthy diet.


How Does CBD Hemp Oil Work For Dogs?

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Due to the nutrient dense qualities of Hemp CBD Oil, it can help your dog with a variety of things including:

  • Managing the pain of arthritis and the inflammation that comes with it
  • Relief from skin allergies
  • Managing their weight
  • Prevents and fights cancer cells
  • Promotes good eyes, brain, skin, heart, bone, joints and immune system health. As well as good blood flow and overall organ function.
  • Naturally eases anxiety
  • Helps keep free radicals under control
  • Repairs liver damage, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease and reduces gastric acid
  • Boosts mood by having an antidepressant effect

That being said, it’s worth noting noncbd Hemp Oil is incredibly nutritious – think of it as a health supplement for your pet.

It’s full of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), a building block many healthy dogs are deficient in.

It’s also rich in Omega-3 and Omega 6, two fatty acids that powerfully work together to decrease inflammation.

The cocktail of antioxidants in Hemp Oil help keep free radicals under control and finally, Phospholipids found in Hemp Oil help maintain the normal structure of cells in the body.

This is extra important as it helps prevent tumor growth in cancer.

Does CBD Get Your Dog High?

Regardless of what anyone tells you, CBD Oil will not get your dog high – it’s rich in CBD but contains no THC aka Tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is the psychoactive component that causes a “high” and CBD actually is a THC blocker when absorbed into the bloodstream – so don’t worry, your dog quite literally cannot get high from CBD no matter how much you give it.

The main issue here is ensuring you buy CBD from a reputable seller – this means you’ll get the best quality product and don’t need to worry if the product contains THC.

Should You Use CBD Pills, Treats or Oils For Your Pets?

Realistically it boils down to what’s easiest for you to give to your dog.

For some people, their dogs are used to tablets and for others they prefer to mix an oil with their dog’s food (or administer it directly).

In terms of quality, both pills and oils are great options.

However, with pills you won’t need to measure the quantity you’re administering whereas you will with oil drops you will.

If you’re concerned about giving your dog too little or too much then it’s best to opt for pills/capsules as at least you’ll know you’ve given your pup the correct dosage.

Alternatively, and my preferred method is CBD pet treats.

Our pet treats have exactly 5 mg of CBD per treat and dogs love them. It’s very easy to give them to your dog (since they love treats) and know exactly how much CBD they’re getting.

cbd pet treats

How Much CBD to Use For Dogs

It depends on how much your dog weighs.

The recommended starting point is 1 mg per 10 lbs of body weight. So, if your dog weighs 50 lbs you should administer 5 mg of CBD.

Start with this amount and keep note of how your dog reacts to the dosage, particularly if they suffer from a noticeable ailment like anxiety or physical pain.

If you’re not noticing relief, then you can increase the dosage.

You should notice a calmer personality in your pup once they’re taking an effective dose.

How Will CBD Affect My Dog?

how cbd affects dogs

CBD can do absolute wonders for your dogs health.

CBD is known as a fantastic form of pain relief – it will reduce inflammation, lower anxiety levels, helps dogs prone to seizures and even helps puppers battling cancer.

As your dog ages, it’s also worth using CBD as a form of pain relief without the groggy side effects of traditional medicines.

This is especially useful for dogs that suffer from hip pain later in life.

Facts About CBD For Dogs

FAQ's about cbd for dogs

Here are commonly asked questions many pet owners ask before choosing CBD for their pets. We’ve spoken about dogs but these numbers and facts also stand true for cats.

Our dogs and cats are like family, and we know you’re not taking it lightly when choosing a CBD product to give your pet.

That’s why we’ve created this list of useful facts for you:

CBD Can Help Fight Cancer Cells

Sadly, cancer often attacks our four legged friends and whilst the vets administer great medication, sometimes it’s either ineffective or comes with nasty side effects.

Even when your dog’s cancer treatment works, it’s still worth considering CBD as a form of natural medicine.


Well, CBD helps fight cancer cells and studies have even shown it can halt the spreading of cancer cells.

Additionally, it reinforces your dogs healthy cells instead of harming them.

This is especially important when your dogs undergoing chemotherapy which also damages their healthy cells.

CBD Hemp Oil Helps Reduce Anxiety

Just to be clear, Hemp Oil (or hemp seed oil) won’t help your dog suffering from anxiety but CBD Hemp Oil will help.

Whether your dog suffers from separation anxiety, anxiety from loud noises, new faces or travelling, giving it CBD Hemp Oil will drastically improve its livelihood.  

CBD Oil May Prevent Seizures

Watching your dog suffer with regular seizures is horrible, however CBD Oil may help lessen or entirely remove seizures.

Often dogs with seizures also have epilepsy and medication used to treat this can alter their personalities. CBD is a viable alternative to many of these medications, doesn’t have the side effects, and often works where medications fail.

This is also true in many humans with epilepsy.

CBD Hemp Oil May Reduce Vomiting & Nausea

As dogs age they’re prone to eating less and often lose weight.

PCR Hemp Oil (aka CBD hemp oil) is a great way to naturally boost their appetite and also reduce nausea in the process.

Even if your dog is young, it’s great to give if your pet regularly gets sick or goes through a bout of nausea.

CBD Oil Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is the starting point for all disease in both humans and dogs.

PCR (Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich) Hemp CBD Oil has been shown to powerfully reduce inflammation by decreasing the inflammatory cytokines in your dog’s body.

This reduction of inflammation can help reduce (or prevent) disease and pain in your dog.

CBD Is Shown To Be Safe For Pets

With no known toxicity or safety issues, CBD is a natural and safe way to look after your pet’s health.

Granted you should know it causes a minor sedating effect when given in large doses however you won’t have this issue if you give your dog the correct dosage (aka 1 mg per 10 lbs of body weight).

Even if you accidentally give your dog too much, you won’t have to worry as it isn’t a big deal. Not only is CBD harmless, it also is legal and even comes pre-made in foods like doggy treats.

benefits of cbd hemp oil for dogs infographic


Let’s recap quickly. Hemp Oil (hemp seed oil) is an incredibly nutritious supplement that’s great for your dogs health as it contains bucketloads of essential fatty acids that help your dog stay in tip top health.

In fact, it’s even said to be more effective than fish oil – quite the bold claim.

CBD Hemp Oil (PCR Hemp Oil) on the other hand is a great natural medicine that helps alleviate your dog’s mental and physical pains like anxiety, helps with cancer, inflammation, seizures and more.

So if your dogs anxious or in pain, go for CBD Hemp Oil. If he’s under weight and needs a nutritional boost, plain hemp seed oil can help.  


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